Introducing the French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are companion dogs. They are not a kennel dog, they need human love, affection and companionship and they will not thrive without it. They are a breed with a strong desire to please and most importantly the requirement to be part of a family, and if you object to sharing your home and your favorite chair with your dog, then this breed is not for you.

They are intelligent dogs with a mischievous side and clown like attitude. They can become possessive of their owners and may not want to share them . Kind but firm direction may be required with some Frenchies as they occasionally need to be reminded who is the boss. Supervised they enjoy playing with children. They do not require long walks, preferring to play but will enjoy a stroll with their owner. Short bursts of high energy activity interspersed with longer periods of rest and relaxation is the norm. They are not a yappy dog but they will warn when strangers approach and some will defend their property and owners. Not always liked by other breeds because of their ‘flat face’ Frenchies will not start trouble but will not back down if challenged.

French Bulldogs are small, sturdy and compact. they have an easy care, short smooth coat and come in all shades of brindle, fawn, or pied (white with brindle patches). Brindle is the dominant colour in the breed followed by fawn. There are fewer pieds available than the other colours.

There is no such thing as "rare " colours in the French Bulldog. If a Frenchies coat colour it is anything other than the colours given in the Breed Standard then it has an undesirable coat colour which is not recognised as typical of this breed. There may be underlying health issues in these undesirable colours which we know nothing about, especially in all types of blue, mouse, chocolate, liver and black & tan colours

Frenchies require a varied diet. They get bored with the same food and much prefer any thing that you may be eating. Two smaller meals of a high quality dog food per day are preferable to one large meal.

French Bulldogs house train fairly quickly but throughout their lives most do not appreciate going out into the garden in the rain! Because of their shape the majority of French Bulldogs cannot swim and great care must be taken if there are pools, ponds or rivers nearby.

Their temperament does not often lend itself towards obedience competition as they are independent thinkers, and although capable of agility this activity is not usually recommended.

Frenchies have the potential to live about 13 - 14 years and are generally a healthy breed. However spinal abnormalities can be problematic and sometimes fatal. Elongated soft palate and narrow airways can cause breathing difficulties and occasional allergies and skins problems can occur. Ears and facial wrinkles are susceptible to dirt and dust and require regular cleaning along with the area under the tail. In their older years they can be susceptible to eye ulcers

The most serious life threatening situation for a French Bulldog is to be left unattended in a car or separated from its owner in a stressful situation as the combination of stress and heat can be fatal.

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