Finding a French Bulldog Puppy

There are approximately 1,500 French Bulldog puppies born per year in the UK, usually you must expect to wait 6 - 9 months before you can acquire a puppy from a reputable breeder. Before you purchase your puppy, contact either the French Bulldog Club of England or the Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club. They will advise you of reputable breeders who may have puppies for sale. You can also contact the Kennel Club for a list of their 'Accredited Breeders' who may have French Bulldog Puppies available.

They will advise you of reputable breeders who may have puppies for sale. It is strongly recommended that you join The French Bulldog Club. Even if you cannot attend the Club Shows, Meetings or Fun Events, you can get a lot of help from the Club and its members living in your area.

The worst possible way to purchase your puppy is through a pet shop, a puppy farm, the internet or from one of the free newspapers.

Most reputable breeders do not advertise, they strive to produce good health, good temperament, and good conformation. they usually have a waiting list for their puppies. This is the kind of breeder who has very likely put a great deal of time and effort into breeding and raising quality French Bulldogs and will want to give them the very best of homes.

It's best to more interested in good temperament, healthy long-lived lines, and sound structure, rather than what colour your would like your puppy to be, however which ever colour you choose it must comply to the Breed Standard. There is no such thing as "rare " colours in the French Bulldog. If a Frenchies coat colour it is anything other than the colours given in the Breed Standard then it has an undesirable coat colour which is not recognised as typical of this breed. There may be underlying health issues in these undesirable colours which we know nothing about, especially in all types of blue, mouse, chocolate, liver and black & tan colours If you're interested in an adult French Bulldog, some breeders may have an individual available, or you can ask if your name may be added to the French Bulldog Welfare Trust which is the rescue network although very few Frenchies end up in welfare.

The best way to acquire a puppy is to be placed on a reputable breeders waiting list and the best way to get on to a waiting list is to come to a Club event or show and meet the breeders. Don't expect to simply call a good breeder and be greeted with cries of joy and an immediate invitation to come on over and pick any puppy you want.

Point of Contact List

The Point of Contact List is a compilation of Club Members / Breeders that are prepared to be contacted for unbiased help and advice on how to find a puppy from a reputable breeder. All have been a member of the Club for at least 5 years. It is hoped that this may well discourage people from buying Frenchie pups from the internet by giving them access to recognised breeders and the chance to put their name on a waiting list for a puppy. Members on the list are there at the discretion of the FBCE committee and no reason need be given for inclusion or exclusion from the list

DISCLAIMER Whilst the French Bulldog Club of England encourages good breeding practices it does not endorse or rate any individual breeders or their stock. Neither can it take any legal responsibility or provide any support for agreements entered into between a buyer and a breeder. No responsibility for quality, health or temperament or honesty is expressed or implied. The individuals must satisfy themselves as a purchaser and any guarantees or promises are between the buyer and seller.

A reputable breeder will

Ask many questions and most likely want references.

Expect you to ask him/her many questions as well

Expect you to have researched a little about the breed.

Will want to meet you and may want a home check carried out

Will probably have a sales contract and will explain everything to you in full before you agree on the purchase of a puppy. It may say something like - That you're buying a pet quality puppy, not show or breeding quality. That you'll take good care of the puppy and look after her,. That you won't sell her or give her to anyone else without contacting the breeder first. and that the breeder will have first right of refusal

Will probably have endorsements on the puppy’s Kennel Club registration certificate. Endorsed Registration means the French Bulldog is registered with the Kennel Club but her papers will specify that she cannot be bred. If you breed her, the Kennel Club won't register her puppies. Endorsed Registration can always be changed to Full Registration later, if the breeder agrees.

May want you to have your own vet check the puppy within the first few days it is in it’s new home

Will normally charge you the average price of a puppy which appears to be approximately £1200-1800.

Will expect you to keep in touch at least once a year.

Will be happy to provide you with references about themselves.

Will be a member of the either of the French Bulldog clubs in the UK as they will appreciate that contact with other experienced breeders /owners is invaluable.

In return you can expect

A healthy vet checked puppy (many breeders provide a veterinary health certificate)

A first vaccination certificate and written proof of regular worming

A guarantee with a full refund or the offer of another puppy if you need to return the puppy should your vet find anything wrong with it within an agreed time

All the relevant Kennel Club documents to be handed over at the time of the sale

The puppy to be insured for the first six weeks.

Friendly help and advice if you should need it

Help throughout your dogs life should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you can no longer keep your Frenchie. The breeder should be willing to take your Frenchie back any time and either keep her or find another home for her (this doesn't mean you get your money back if you bring her back in five years; what it does mean that if something unfortunate happens, your little one will have a place to go).

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